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Our company VETERINARY CIRCLE TRADE S.A., established in 1972, has many years of knowledge and trade experience in the field of veterinary medicines, tools, utensils, appliances, accessories, animal feed and in general in all kinds of products for veterinary use, livestock production and pets.
Our physical store and warehouse are located in owned facilities of 1,500 sq.m. on a plot of 3,500 sqm, with private parking.


Today we serve with responsibility and consistency 12,000 customers across Greece with 7000 products for all kinds of animals. Moreover, VETERINARY CIRCLE TRADE S.A. has export activity in countries within and outside the European Union (France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Albania and Cyprus).


Our main effort, for 45 consecutive years, is to manufacture and supply from the world market reliable products at good prices.
In several basic products the price has remained stable for many years despite the continued price increases of products in the Greek and foreign market. This is achieved with our continuous effort, which aims primarily to reduce the final cost of the products and by reducing the profit of our company which is compensated by the increased commercial activity and your greater responsiveness.
Regarding our dealer customers, we believe that they should take under consideration that we probably are the only company in the field that does not compete them on the price of its products.
After issuing our printed product catalog, the next step was the development of a site which is an e-catalog and e-shop in order to present our numerous products and to make easier and more efficient the buying process.


Of course our effort to enrich the "range" of our products is continuous, following closely the latest developments worldwide.

The staff of our company (21 people, including two veterinarians) are at your disposal for any inquiries, information and clarifications.

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