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Humidity meters

Humidity meters
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Grain moisture meter enables the measurement of grain moisture in the field or in a storage place. ..
420.17€ Ex Tax: 338.85€
Farmex MT-PRO is an easy to use, reliable and fast moisture tester for professional use. It mea..
460.04€ Ex Tax: 371.00€
Μeasures 21 grains and seeds specific to each country. Features: results in less than 20 se..
612.56€ Ex Tax: 494.00€
Farmex HT-PRO is a quick and reliable tester for quality assurance and storage control of baled hay...
304.67€ Ex Tax: 245.70€
A modern, digital device which helps to monitor moisture and temperature level of hay and compressed..
401.76€ Ex Tax: 324.00€
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