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Cylindric, capillary prismatic and colourless immersion thermometer. Plastic cover Aluminium..
14.14€ Ex Tax: 11.40€
For calculating milk fat content ​ * Τhe above mentioned values apply when milk temperatu..
29.33€ Ex Tax: 23.65€
Temperature range: -5...+83 ºC Length: 32 cm ..
15.03€ Ex Tax: 12.12€
Waterproof and disinfectable digital thermometer, with automatic audible signal at the end of measur..
10.14€ Ex Tax: 8.18€
Features: temperature reading within 10-15 seconds (four long beeps sound on completion) lig..
55.75€ Ex Tax: 44.96€
Practical and very good readable all-round thermometer for the fast and exact temperature indication..
42.82€ Ex Tax: 34.53€
Stable and robust all-round thermometer for the fast temperature indication. Universal use. Ho..
49.23€ Ex Tax: 39.70€
Solid and robust piercing thermometer with tapered top for drilling in frozen. High minus range. ..
53.49€ Ex Tax: 43.14€
Very fast indicating digital thermometer, suitable for measuring of core-temperatures on roasting an..
84.06€ Ex Tax: 67.79€
Piercing thermometer, very well suitable for core-measurements on roasting and freezing; wide measur..
150.68€ Ex Tax: 121.52€
Reliable digital thermometer for the supervision of the high and low temperature limits with alarm. ..
44.47€ Ex Tax: 35.86€
Temperature range: -30...+50 ºC ..
3.08€ Ex Tax: 2.48€
Min/Max thermometer on plastic base. Temperature range -30...+50 ºC With reset button ..
13.02€ Ex Tax: 10.50€
Indoor thermometer with outdoor probe for putting up or wall mounting. Indoor / outdoor Min/..
19.33€ Ex Tax: 15.59€
Ιndoor thermometer with large digital display - for putting up or wall mounting. indoor / outd..
35.96€ Ex Tax: 29.00€
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